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Wish I never heard of them. I wish i had some before investing there, the interest does not cover the losses. Interests declared: I have shares in Assetz, Syndicate Room, The Housecrowd.They are as nothing compared to my investments on and reliance on the good health of many other platforms here. There are better platforms around. Now I do understand and the headline figure is simply not true. As was discussed on the Bondora forum there is a strong "Prima Facia" case for legal challenge but life is too short & lawyers are already too rich for most investors to pursue it. Another example of Alice Through The Looking Glass accounting as practiced by Bondora. Time will tell. You will be sorely disapointed. After Brexit and Trump, we now just need Corbyn for PM for a lolz treble. Just look into default rates for these countries. I have sold many loans and transferred money to other platforms. Coop Pank laenud: universaalne tagatiseta laen internetist. Selling up bad loans has made this all too clear. I might still have enough Estonia loans to eventually exit with a very small profit but that may be wishful thinking.

I hope to wipe out the loss with the interest payments over the nex months. This means also that the return on Bondora must be significanly higher, otherwise it's not worse the time spent. Bondora ou soodne kiirlaenu pakkumine.. Aus inimene kes annab laenu. I've 'mothballed' the account and won't bother looking at it again until the end of the year. It was a lesson I had already figured out though, hence the relatively small investment with Bondora. Well at least you had warnings, many of them. EST RUS ENG Info Samm-sammult investorile Samm-sammult laenajale Isikuandmete töötlemise kord BLOGI.


. These costs are not yet considered in the interest rates.

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. Yes I know, don't invest unless you fully understand.