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Kiired laenud.


. View conversation Lia/Ayrshire Lass retweeted Great point by Brian on @LBC today. She thinks we’re as thick as her.

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. Lia lass.

scary stuff" This was the U of T climate strike nonsense. Kiirlaen 2000 EUR. Why do you think Sturgeon suddenly wants to cosy up to Corbyn. Offer nothing, waste time, say we didn't know what we were voting for, second referendum. They're full of hate and venom. Lia lass. They lie, abuse and harass anyone who challenges or disagrees with them. I’ll back you up to be temp PM if you give me right to hold Indy ref. Laenulepingu tingimused on selgesti arusaadavad ja üheselt mõistetavad. I say this as someone Scottish.

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. They're doing everything they can to destroy to BJ because he is standing up for the ppl of this country. "Just walked through the strike thing. There are a LOT of signs pleading for socialism. They have no room for compaint now