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Our groundbreaking, patented and FDA-cleared technology is able to deliver intelligent energy beneath the skin’s surface to create change on a cellular level.

ZIIP was designed to feel comfortable in your hand and be effortless to use, from the single button on top to the sleek silhouette that perfectly fits the curves of your face. ZIIP’s electrical currents increase the levels of ATP in your skin, replenishing your stored energy and allowing your cells to communicate again and repair themselves. The result is healthy, lifted, glowing skin that gets better over time. - Wall Street Journal READ ARTICLE A transformation that gives Botox a run for its money.

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. We use nanocurrents and microcurrents to communicate with your skin cells, increasing their effectiveness, prompting them to heal, and encouraging them to make an abundance of collagen and elastin. - L'Officiel READ ARTICLE Game-changing gadget. Pank ZiiP. Estravel reisilaen. Raha kiirelt. ZIIP THE DEVICE NANOCURRENT TREATMENTS RESULTS THE APP CONDUCTIVE GEL WHAT'S IN THE BOX An electric facial in the palm of your hand. As you age, your ability to produce and store ATP deteriorates, which means that your body doesn’t have the stored energy to repair damaged skin cells. Think of your ZIIP as an exquisitely beautiful battery that creates a circuit with your skin.

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. ATP is stored energy, released when you need it. - W Magazine READ ARTICLE SEE MORE PRESS NANOCURRENT We specialize in nanocurrent, tiny electrical currents that are perfectly in sync with your body’s own frequency. Nordea hüpoteeklaen laen korteri tagatisel. ZIIP is an electrical facial in the palm of your hand.

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. Kiirlaen statistika. - NavEst Agency - H.

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. - The Chalkboard Mag READ ARTICLE I’ve never in my life used an at-home product that gives such a satisfying result